Not many people have the opportunity of choosing their own working environment mainly because most employees are subject to their employers' standards and choices. This is different for self-employed people such as Garé who - when married to Carl - worked from their home in environments she arranged for herself.
Some of the following photos of Garé's workplaces have been taken from old and brittle newspapers that do not reproduce very well, but it is believed that all of them still contribute to our knowledge of Garé in situations where she was doing what she liked the best. The photos are placed in chronological order.




Hemet, California

Circa 1965
Hemet, California

Goleta, California

Goleta, California

Goleta, California

Temecula, California


Sometime in the mid 1980s Carl made this humorous sketch of himself bullying Garé. She was the one who wrote hundreds of greeting cards to family, friends, and business associates every year. The time before Christmas was the busiest one.


In 1992 writer Rudy Salvagnini and inker Giorgio Cavazzano had the story Zio Paperone e l'Uomo dei Paperi (Uncle Scrooge and the Duck Man) published in the Italian version of the Donald Duck comics. It describes a female reporter visiting the Barks' home in Grants Pass, Oregon. You can see more panels from the story HERE.