WDCS208 - 1958

The nephews are having fun with their sled in the snowy hills but it is tiresome to drag the sled upwards. Luckily, Gladstone has a reindeer!

WDCS209 - 1958

Donald has a postal route in an incredibly difficult area to travel in, but luck smiles upon him one day as he discovers the advantages of a one-man helicopter...

WDCS210 - 1958

Donald works alone in a baker's shop and he tries to comply with the wishes from the customers. But a baker he is not!

WDCS211 - 1958

Donald reads a book about black wishing stones on a tropical island and the nephews make fun of him for believing the story. But soon after they are all on their way...

WDCS212 - 1958

As Donald flies a rocket ship around the earth he has to fill it up with specific things on the way. This is a condition for participating in a contest. His only opponent is Gladstone...

WDCS213 - 1958

Donald is doing whatever he can in order to avoid being forced to take part in Daisy's yearly spring cleaning.

WDCS214 - 1958

Donald is embarrassed being an ignoramus about flowers and he decides to be an expert on the subject. But the plants soon take over...

WDCS215 - 1958

Scrooge is looking for some land with an echo. Donald tries to sell him some - with the nephews acting as echoes...

WDCS216 - 1958

Donald trains a bullfrog for a big jumping contest. It really could be a winner, if it weren't for the fact that it hates the cold!

WDCS217 - 1958

Donald is stage struck and he is offered the leading role in Daisy's drama club. Unfortunately, Gladstone is interested in the very same part...

WDCS218 - 1958

Donald sees an opportunity to earn some easy money by delivering porpoises to the Seashow Aquarium. But he has to catch them first!

WDCS219 - 1958

When Grandma Duck captures a coyote puppy that is stealing her chickens, Donald tries to tame it to be a pet...

WDCS220 - 1959

Quite by accident Donald invents Weemite, a powerful explosive. Maybe the army would be interested?

WDCS221 - 1959

Donald and the nephews are hired by Scrooge to find out from where Dead Valley Sandy has his new-gotten wealth. Are they in for a surprise!

WDCS222 - 1959

Donald is very successful at his moving job until one day he is hired to move the animals from a zoo...

WDCS223 - 1959

The nephews have been building kites all winter long and now - on the first spring day - they want to try them out. Donald is more interested in fishing...

WDCS224 - 1959

At the Beachcomber's picnic every guy has to find something special for his girlfriend. Donald finds a fine cowry shell for Daisy, but then Gladstone joins the party!

WDCS225 - 1959

Donald is a volunteer fireman and he is often called out when he is courting Daisy at her house. Then Gladstone moves in...

WDCS226 - 1959

Scrooge claims a previously unchartered island. He might make a profit, if only the island wouldn't move...

WDCS227 - 1959

The nephews ask Donald to pretend to get lost in the woods so they can find him as part of a JW exercise. Donald decides to make things really difficult!

WDCS228 - 1959

Donald and the nephews get lost on a South American river. Who will rescue who?

WDCS229 - 1959

After yet another fight with his neighbour Donald decides to help people as best as he can. But that is not at all easy...

WDCS230 - 1959

Scrooge tells Donald that there is a curse on Duckburg because of some bad hair tonic he sold to the Chillyboot Indians. Donald tries to get the Indians to lift the curse.

WDCS231 - 1959

Donald is the new night watchman at the Wax Museum. It would be an easy job if the figures just wouldn't move around all the time...



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