WDCS186 - 1956

Donald constructs an ice taxi to transport anglers across the icy lake to the fishing holes. The mayor himself is the first customer!

WDCS187 - 1956

Scrooge is pondering who shall inherit his business. Donald or Gladstone? He decides to put them to the test...

WDCS188- 1956

Due to a massive incapacitation of the stronger athletes Donald is chosen to represent Duckburg in the Olympic Games.

WDCS189 - 1956

Donald decides to beautify his backyard at springtime but there are gophers below with different ideas...

WDCS190 - 1956

The nephews and Donald get into a swimming contest. But Donald plans to cheat by using a submarine to help him along.

WDCS191 - 1956

Donald is vacationing in the deep woods and he uses a scintillator to disclose the whereabouts of the nephews. But it only functions if it is turned on...

WDCS192 - 1956

Donald claims to be a fish culture expert and gets a job in a salmon hatchery. Soon he is up against a kingfisher!

WDCS193 - 1956

Donald intends to make a lot of money by capturing a whale and keep it confined in a cove. But it has to be fed - a lot...

WDCS194 - 1956

Donald is Duckburg's best smoke writer but the shifting winds can change his artistic designs...

WDCS195 - 1956

Two trains are unwittingly roaring against each other and the nephews hear about it on TV. They try frenetically to find a solution before the inevitable collision.

WDCS196 - 1957

All Duckburgians are competing to build the finest snow statue and Donald thinks that a certain poor family should win. But the nephews' statue is better looking. Something has to be done...

WDCS197 - 1957

Donald takes on a new job as border patrolman but the smugglers are outwitting him. Luckily, the nephews are more cunning!

WDCS198 - 1957

Donald is invited to a costume party and he dresses up as a knight in shining armour. That proves to be a wise decision!

WDCS199 - 1957

Gyro invents an imagining machine by which one by force of thought can travel wherever he wants. Donald and the nephews pop up to Jupiter, where everything is much larger than on Earth!

WDCS200 - 1957

Donald establishes a pet service and the nephews have to look after the customers' strange pets; an elephant, an anteater, a spider, etc.

WDCS201 - 1957

Donald is hired to pour bug powder into Duckburg's water reservoir but by accident he pours red dye into it instead. The result is somewhat different!

WDCS202 - 1957

Donald disguises himself as a rain maker in order to cheat some money out of Scrooge. And the rain starts pouring - and pouring...

WDCS203 - 1957

The nephews are hired as messengers and they have to deliver a certain package within twenty minutes. But a lion stands in the way!!!

WDCS204 - 1957

Donald and the nephews are hired to clean the huge stone head of senator Snoggin at the side of Mount Mushmore. It's a bit of a nosy job...

WDCS205 - 1957

Donald longs to win a prize for his apples at the county fair and he is nursing them all summer long. But his neighbour is Gladstone!

WDCS206 - 1957

Donald persuades Scrooge to give him a decent job. Scrooge makes him manager of a hotel. He then registers in disguise to see how his nephew is doing...

WDCS207 - 1957

Donald, Scrooge, and Gladstone are competing to win a uranium mine in several desert contests.



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