WDCS160 - 1954

The nephews are searching for a Christmas present for Donald. Why not a camel?! Well, it needs a lot of attention!

WDCS161 - 1954

Donald undertakes to repair everything and anything in his fix-it shop but he is not very good in that line of business...

WDCS162 - 1954

As a stationmaster Donald is looking after a consignment of very hungry baby turkeys. The train robber Hairy Harry is just another complication.

WDCS163 - 1954

Donald hopes to discontinue Gladstone's luck by using his own new rabbit's foot. Things are in fact looking up...

WDCS164 - 1954

Donald is selling a new brand of flour All he needs to do is demonstrate it to the neighbours. How hard can that be?

WDCS165 - 1954

Donald is a delivery boy at a skunk oil company but the nephews want him to be something more distinguished. Maybe musician?

WDCS166 - 1954

Donald gets a chance to drive a midget racer at the race track. Now he will show everyone how to drive!

WDCS167 - 1954

Donald is checking on how to catch the biggest salmon in a contest in order to win a Snobmobile. But Gladstone is checking in, too...

WDCS168 - 1954

The nephews' mascot - the chipmunk Cheltenham - annoys Donald and he decides to get even. Using alligators!

WDCS169 - 1954

It is the first day of school and the nephews are, of course, playing hooky. But Donald was expecting it. Now the chase is on...

WDCS170 - 1954

Donald encourages the nephews to study the industrious ants and their way of life but they end up taking the wind out of his sails.

WDCS171 - 1954

Donald tries to protect Scrooge's money by confining the Money Bin in a sealing wax which makes it totally impenetrable. Now, how will Scrooge get access to the money?

WDCS172 - 1955

Scrooge forces Donald and the nephews on a trip in his submarine to find a sunken treasure. On Christmas Eve! That is most unbearable for the kids...

WDCS173 - 1955

As a New Year's resolution the nephews vow that they will not be late for school again or they will wash the dishes for a month. Donald in turn vows that he will not loose his temper!!!

WDCS174 - 1955

Donald has built an iceboat to haul mail across the frozen lake to Beaver Island. But the job is somewhat different from what he expects...

WDCS175 - 1955

Donald and the nephews are making taffy candy to be sold for Daisy's club. By mistake a valuable ring gets into a piece of candy. But which one?

WDCS176 - 1955

Donald grows tired of the nephews' love of western movies and he decides to show them the real West. But he wasn't counting on Wild Bill Hiccup...

WDCS177 - 1955

Vacation at last! The nephews want to go to the mountains but Donald longs for the beach. A trip inside a diving sphere makes him change his mind.

WDCS178 - 1955

Donald moves to a quieter neighbourhood in order to get a good night's sleep. But it is not that simple with an alpenhorn blower in the house...

WDCS179 - 1955

Donald and Gladstone have entered the same canoe contest but only one of them can win. Maybe the nephews can lend Donald a hand?

WDCS180 - 1955

Donald is an insurance salesman and he has just sold an accident policy to Scrooge. For one billion dollars! Perhaps it was not as clever as it seemed...

WDCS181 - 1955

The Junior Woodchucks and the Chickadees are in a bridge building contest. Donald places his talents at the disposal of the JW's...

WDCS182 - 1955

Donald wants to participate in the Farmers' Fair and he borrows Grandma Duck's gentle bull for the purpose. Eh, gentle???

WDCS183 - 1955

Donald wishes to go to the woods to shoot a turkey for dinner. He uses the custard gun that Gyro has invented. It can also shoot moose...

WDCS184 - 1955

The nephews swear that they will never again tarnish their bodies with soap. Donald does not agree. A battle of strong wills is about to begin!

WDCS185 - 1955

Time for New Year's resolutions. Donald resolves to cook only the kind of food his nephews like. The nephews resolve to eat only the kind of food their uncle likes. Collision course...



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