WDCS138 - 1952

Scrooge and the wealthy Maharajah of Howduyustan are competing to build the most expensive statue of Duckburg's founder, Cornelius Coot.

WDCS139 - 1952

The nephews are owners of the racing pigeon Rocket Wing but Donald uses it for his own purposes...

WDCS140 - 1952

Donald and the nephews are trying to find out why Gladstone is so lucky all the time. They are in for a surprise!

WDCS141 - 1952

Gyro has invented a pair of think boxes that can reveal the thoughts of animals. Donald gets heavily involved...

WDCS142 - 1952

Donald wants a quiet vacation along with his nephews so he rents a houseboat for the purpose.

WDCS143 - 1952

Donald decides to put a stop to Gladstone's luck. He sells him a worthless piece of land...

WDCS144 - 1952

Scrooge has more money than he can store and he hires Donald to spend some of it - with an unexpected result!

WDCS145 - 1952

The nephews are playing with a completely harmless hypnotizer gun but Donald thinks it's real. Perhaps it is?

WDCS146 - 1952

Donald and the nephews become chicken farmers on a hilltop but it is not that easy to earn a living.

WDCS147 - 1952

Through Daisy's Good Neighbor Club Donald volunteers to offer a needy person a meal. It turns out to be Gladstone!

WDCS148 - 1953

After Donald is done paying his Christmas bills he discovers that he has no money left for a turkey. He then tries to lure Scrooge into paying for a meal...

WDCS149 - 1953

Donald is letting all the decisions of his whole life depend on tosses of a coin. Flipism will lead the way...

WDCS150 - 1953

Donald is a mailman during a winter blizzard and the nephews are training for JW merit badges. They also rescue Donald from the wrath of Daisy.

WDCS151 - 1953

Donald wants to be grand marshal for the Easter Parade. He has to distribute sweets to the children to get them to vote for him.

WDCS152 - 1953

Donald needs fame in order to be participant at a quiz show. Maybe a talking dog could help him achieve prestige?

WDCS153 - 1953

Gyro is breeding worms that drag fish out of the water. Donald is an avid angler. Now for some serious fishing...

WDCS154 - 1953

Donald is the realtor for the old Quackly Place which is also a playground for the nephews. They have to prevent Donald from selling...

WDCS155 - 1953

Scrooge decides to find an heir for his vast fortune. He can choose either Donald, the nephews, or Gladstone.

WDCS156 - 1953

Donald is a master rain maker but jealousy towards Gladstone in their mutual courting of Daisy muddles his mind...

WDCS157 - 1953

What does it take to climb Old Demontooth? Donald's youthful vigour or Scrooge's overwhelming wealth?

WDCS158 - 1953

The nephews are keeping honey bees as a project for the JWs. And Donald is left with all the trouble!

WDCS159 - 1953

Scrooge wants Donald's house but he won't sell. The old miser plots to force his nephew out...



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