WDCS100 - 1949

Donald is the new truant officer and his most important task is to round up his shirking nephews!

WDCS101 - 1949

Donald is plagued by nightmares. His doctor recommends he takes up some crocheting to steady his nerves. Then Daisy comes for a visit...

WDCS102 - 1949

Donald and the nephews are helping out at a dude ranch which is plagued by some horse thieves.

WDCS103 - 1949

Donald and Gladstone are looking on the beach for a lost ruby belonging to the Maharajah of Backdore. The finder's fee is ten thousand dollars!

WDCS104 - 1949

Donald and the nephews need funds to raise a sunken yacht and collect the salvage money. Maybe Scrooge will help?

WDCS105 - 1949

Donald figures out that his nephews are responsible for the dubious echoes in Thrushwhistle Glen and he decides to put them to the test...

WDCS106 - 1949

Donald is warned that a masked burglar is on the prowl. The nephews return from holiday camp bringing a bunch of pets. The plot is thickening!

WDCS107 - 1949

The nephews read nonsense about a super snooper and Donald gets angry. But he accidentially acquires super powers himself...

WDCS108 - 1949

Donald wants to teach the nephews about fancy food but the price of frogs' legs are too steep for him. So why not catch the delicacies himself?

WDCS109 - 1949

The nephews are certain that they can find water using their diviner. Of course, Donald immediately sets out to tease them...

WDCS110 - 1949

Donald goes to bring his nephews back from summer camp but they have decided to play Goldilocks and the Three Bears. Real bears get involved!

WDCS111 - 1949

Donald hides his loveletters to Daisy but Gladstone gets hold of them by accident. Now Donald has to get them back in a hurry...

WDCS112 - 1950

The nephews want to skate but Donald makes them go down south with him. There they pull a trick on their uncle making him believe that he has been sleeping for twenty years!

WDCS114 - 1950

When Donald brags of being a great skier he finds himself delivering medicine to Codfish Cove on skis. He's never been on skis before and there is a spy on his tail!

WDCS117 - 1950

Donald and Gladstone are both trying to court Daisy by finding a real daisy for her, but a flood is going to ruin their day...

WDCS124 - 1951

Donald is forced to act as a collector for Scrooge but the old miser lives to regret that...

WDCS125 - 1951

The nephews need to use Bornworthy for their JW merit badges. But the Saint Bernard does not like to step out in the middle of winter!

WDCS126 - 1951

When a cyclone sucks up Scrooge's entire fortune from an open corn crib and distributes the money all over the country, the old miser is surprisingly calm...

WDCS127 - 1951

The nephews are trying their best to make a sucker out of Donald on April Fools' Day but they are not very successful.

WDCS128 - 1951

Daisy's drama club is putting on a play and Donald and Gladstone both want to be the star of the show...

WDCS129 - 1951

Donald gets tired of working in his garden and he decides to install a swimming pool instead. Big mistake!

WDCS130 - 1951

Donald accidentially pays Scrooge with an old and valuable dime. When he discovers that his uncle has more of the same sort he becomes greedy.

WDCS131 - 1951

Donald has bad luck whenever he comes near Gladstone, and the nephews decide to take him out for a nice day at the golf course. Then Gladstone shows up...

WDCS132 - 1951

The nephews are going to try out for different JW merit badges but then Donald decides to help them...

WDCS133 - 1951

The nephews try to play hooky from school while Donald is at work. But it is not nearly as easy as they thought!

WDCS134 - 1951

Scrooge thinks a cannon he once bought will protect his money from the Beagle Boys. Will his plans backfire?

WDCS135 - 1951

Donald and the nephews fill the Money Bin with water to prevent the Beagle Boys from digging their way in, but a drop in the temperature stops their plan cold!

WDCS136 - 1952

Donald is irritated by Gladstone's unbelievable luck and he decides to hold a raffle to turn things around. He keeps all the tickets except for one. Gladstone gets it...

WDCS137 - 1952

Donald has earned a tidy sum from his song 'The Screaming Cowboy' and he plays it constantly at the jukebox in the resort hotel. With catastrophic results!



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