WDCS076 - 1947

Donald wants to rise bright and early to go fishing, but a stray cat ensures that he doesn't get his sleep...

WDCS077 - 1947

Donald discovers beetles in his garden and tries to dispose of them. Later the nephews disguise themselves as beetles to tease them.

WDCS078 - 1947

Donald buys a safe but he promptly forgets the combination. The nephews remember - for a special reason...

WDCS079 - 1947

Donald and Daisy go out for a picnic and the nephews wants to join them instead of going to school. But the answer is 'No!' so they decide to ruin the picnic instead!

WDCS080 - 1947

Donald intends to join a competition for the best flower garden, and he starts off by purchasing a beehive.

WDCS081 - 1947

The nephews draw a treasure map for a game they intend to play. Donald finds the bogus map...

WDCS082 - 1947

Donald tries to prove that he is one terrific magician. Daisy is persuaded to be sawn in half...

WDCS083 - 1947

Donald looks forward to staying in bed for his holidays but he is constantly pestered by aggressive salesmen.

WDCS084 - 1947

Daisy invites Donald to join a waltzing contest and he gladly accepts. However, he has forgotten that he can't waltz!

WDCS085 - 1947

The nephews are forced by Donald to learn to be great musicians but they are not that interested...

WDCS086 - 1947

Donald is a volunteer fireman but he is soon degraded to wet-sack man after a few mishaps.

WDCS087 - 1947

Donald can not afford a turkey from the butcher's and he decides to hunt for one instead. And he succeeds - more or less...

WDCS088 - 1948

Donald bets that he can bathe in the lake during winter and Gladstone bets that he can drink two gallons of lemonade in one hour. Will they ever learn?

WDCS089 - 1948

Donald is starting at his new job as a night watchman. But will he be able to stay awake?

WDCS090 - 1948

Donald and the nephews are messenger boys and Donald makes sure that he gets all the easy jobs. But revenge is near!

WDCS091 - 1948

Donald attempts to be part of high society and he arranges a garden party in which the nephews are to participate dressed in monkey suits. Not a good idea...

WDCS092 - 1948

Donald is scolded by a professor in child psychology who states that children are to develop at their own pace.

WDCS093 - 1948

Donald is hired to fly the first rocket ship to the Moon but a villainous guy is also competing!

WDCS094 - 1948

Donald is a coast guard and it is his job to patrol the bay for smugglers. But they do not find Donald that hard to fool...

WDCS095 - 1948

Donald and Gladstone are bragging about their imaginary wealth but when Daisy asks for a small contribution for her club they have a problem...

WDCS096 - 1948

Donald forces the nephews to act as caddies at the golf court although they want to go fishing. They decide to manoeuvre Donald through the course in order to get off quickly!

WDCS097 - 1948

Donald is diving for pearls but during a dive he winds up inside a giant oyster. That spells trouble!

WDCS098 - 1948

Scrooge convinces Donald to participate in a fox hunt but the fox is rather sly...

WDCS099 - 1948

Donald becomes a walking encyclopaedia in order to win a barrel of money in a radio contest.



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