WDCS052 - 1945

Things tend to disappear in Donald's house and he discovers that a trade rat is the culprit. It has to go...

WDCS053 - 1945

Donald buys an old boat in the hope of earning some money. He fails but then he encounters a whale. And whales equals big money!

WDCS054 - 1945

Donald and the nephews decide to race to Pumpkinburg on skates. But Donald stoops to cheating...

WDCS055 - 1945

In a fight with his nephews, Donald happens to name himself the greatest cowboy in the world. Now he is forced to prove it!

WDCS056 - 1945

Food is mysteriously vanishing from Donald's fridge every night and the nephews decides to solve the mystery.

WDCS057 - 1945

Donald can earn a thousand dollars by photographing the elusive Iron-Billed Woodpecker. How hard can that be? Well...

WDCS058 - 1945

Donald and the nephews fall deep down into the Grand Canyon and Donald tries to get them out.

WDCS059 - 1945

Donald brags to the nephews about his abilities to tame a wild colt. He is soon put to the test...

WDCS060 - 1945

Donald invents a radar with a screen, through which he can follow the nephews anywhere. But the radar has its flaws...

WDCS061 - 1945

The nephews are playing detective and Donald decides to tease them. But they solve the case anyway.

WDCS062 - 1945

Donald wants to win a waterskiing contest although he has never tried that sport before. But never mind, if one can only be friendly with the judge...

WDCS063 - 1945

The nephews have found a ten-dollar bill and Donald teaches them that the rightful owner should be located. But how does one find the true owner of a simple dollar bill?

WDCS064 - 1946

Donald's New Year's resolution is to hold his temper. How hard can that be?

WDCS065 - 1946

The nephews want a pet but the parrot Joe from Singapore might not be the best choice...

WDCS066 - 1946

Donald claims to be an expert on ice fishing but he immediately gets into trouble with a large fish. Perhaps dynamite is the solution?

WDCS067 - 1946

The nephews use their savings on some miniature jet-engines which Donald does not approve of. But he changes his mind later!

WDCS068 - 1946

Donald is stricken with megalomania and sees himself as the world's greatest kite flyer. And perhaps he is!

WDCS069 - 1946

Daisy is fascinated by strong men and Donald has to start building up some muscles.

WDCS070 - 1946

The nephews beg Donald for a small and lively multi-breed dog but he insists on buying a posh and pedigreed one...

WDCS071 - 1946

Donald and the nephews are racing each other swimming with Donald as the constant winner. The nephews then decide to cheat but Donald listens in...

WDCS072 - 1946

It is the first day after the holidays and Donald discovers that the nephews have run away from home. He goes after them.

WDCS073 - 1946

The nephews invent a gold-finder which is tested on a ring that Daisy has received from Donald. It fails the test and Donald has a problem!

WDCS074 - 1946

Donald works well as a bill collector and he pays the nephews for taking over the job while he rests. Their first client is Donald!

WDCS075 - 1946

The nephews win a live turkey for Thanksgiving but they get too attached to it to eat it. So Donald has to find another turkey for dinner...



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