Barney has taken up golf with Benny as his caddy but golf balls are expensive. They have to be retrieved at all costs!
Barney takes up boxing in order to beat up his neighbour Mooseface McElk who lets his chickens slip into Barney's garden. But it takes an infuriated Benny to deal with the farmer...
32 Barney wants to catch the crook Klepto Klippo in order to get the reward. But it is not an easy task, and Benny has to step in.
Uncle Grizzly is rich so Barney decides to butter up the grumpy relative and invites him to stay at his house for a while. Will he succeed?
Barney tries to get his neighbour Mooseface McElk to move out of his house but the plan backfires as he has to move out himself instead. Now Barney must find a way to get back - and get even!
35 Mooseface McElk is jealous of Barney's neat garden so he tricks him into wrecking it. Then Benny tricks the bad neighbour into wrecking his own garden...
36 Barney's, Benny's and Mooseface McElk's watches disappear mysteriously. The two friends set out to expose the culprit.



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