Benny wants to go skiing with Barney who just wants to sleep the winter off. They have an unsuccessful go at the sport after which they both decide to hibernate.
Barney is visited by his nephew whose only thoughts revolve around food. Benny has to rescue his friend from the gourmand...
23 Barney wakes up with a terrible headache and Benny tries his best to be quiet around him but to no avail.
Benny takes Barney camping but the great outdoors are rougher than they imagine...
Barney goes hunting with his old gun but Benny persuades him to use a bow and arrow instead as it will be much safer. Or will it?
26 Barney takes Benny fishing in the lake. Benny catches fish but Barney only catches a lot of bad luck involving a hungry pelican, an uncooperative fish, a big firecracker, and an unwelcome game warden...
27 Barney is hungry so he has to get a job. Benny suggests that he tries the dog catching business. How difficult can it be?
28 Barney tries to make big money by settling as a fine arts painter in the great outdoors but Mother Nature and her creatures are not that cooperative...
29 Barney tries to trick Benny into believing that he will find a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. Benny does not fall for the trick but Barney does when the tables are turned!



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