Coincidentially, Porky gets into a Canadian police uniform because of a coincidence, and is later mistaken for being the brave Dauntless of the Mounted Police. He then manages to capture Pierre and his ruffians.
09 Happy Hound, one of the guards at Alca-Sing prison, is sent out to track down and capture an escapee. But the crook gives him a hard time...
  A mountain goat wants to play with Benny who has a hard time keeping up with the agile goat. But he evens the score as he manages to save the goat from a fierce wolf.
Benny is out looking for the most beautiful bird in the world which is supposed to be El Macav, a parrot. Unfortunately, he is also a dirty trickster and he has his eye set on Benny!
Barney and Benny are lost in the wild west but at last they arrive in a small town which is rapidly becoming a ghost town because of some mysterious sounds in the vicinity. They get curious...
  Once again, Happy Hound is sent out to capture the wolf who this time use his mother as an ally against Droopy. But will that be enough to evade the prison guard?
Barney is taking Benny out in the woods for a moose hunt but tracking and subdueing one is not all that easy...
Barney wants to be a real cowboy and he starts off by trying to catch a wild horse. Benny tags along as an observer.
Shepherd Barney is missing a sheep and he decides to set a trap for suspect number one, a ferocious wolf. Benny acts as bait in sheep's clothing...



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