Especially during the 1950s Barks drew numerous advertisements, logos, and letterheads for different businessmen when living in the Hemet-San Jacinto area. The first photo is an example of an advertisement, the second is a logo for the Chamber of Commerce, and the third is the front cover drawing for a promotional brochure welcoming new residents to the area.


Barks was quite in demand among the county's newspaper editors, who often used him to draw small vignettes for the headers in their publications. This was, in fact, something he had started long before he moved to Hemet. Here are two different examples:
Alessandro Valley News (now: Moreno Valley News) still exists in Moreno, Riverside County. This example is from a special wartime edition with focus on the nearby March Air Force Base. Perris Progress (now: Perris City News) still exists in Perris, Riverside County. This particular header dates back to June 2, 1949.
   Date 2008-03-27