A group at the Harvard Business School represented by Michael J. Cronin chose Scrooge McDuck as their mascot, and Barks made this drawing to hang in their meeting-room. The ribbon reads: Fortuna Favet Fortibus which means Fortune Favors the Bold.

In 1983 Barks used the motif in a painting titled Till Death Do Us Part, a painting which was on display over the casket at his memorial service in 2000.


Sketch made for the comic book fan magazine Funnyworld No. 10.

The text reads:
Barks and the duck Syndrome

Mid 1960s

Barks made this drawing (observe Scrooge's heart-shaped eyes!) for The Society of The First Dime (consisting of a group of fans at the University of Wisconsin) and accompanied it with the following poem:

Ah, spring! Sweet days of love!
Sweet days when men should take the time
a money hill to climb,
and there renew their love affair
with their first dime!
                          Scrooge McDuck


This cartoon appeared on the front page of the local newspaper San Jacinto Valley Register in October 1948.


Barks made two cartoon-ads for a water-bond campaign in the Hemet-San Jacinto area in the spring of 1952.


Barks only made one to-order naturalistic painting, Last Days at an Old School, which was ordered by a graduating class at the San Jacinto High School. They established a fund and scouted the San Jacinto area for a suitable artist. After several interviews they decided on Carl Barks who proudly unveiled the painting in October of 1968. He was paid 300 dollars for the job - a sum that made me feel like an overpaid Picasso, he later stated.
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