Here you will find a very short resume, my motive for creating this website, and the technique used.




My name is Peter Barks Kylling. The surname is a bit unusual and you will certainly have trouble pronouncing it correctly, but if you think of the Y as if it was the ü in the German name Müller you will be almost there. The name can be traced back to the 17th century and there are only about 137 persons in Denmark by that name, so I am the proud member of quite an exclusive little 'club'.

I was born in 1947 in the Copenhagen area and I have lived in the metropolitan area ever since. Presently, I am residing in a very nice bungalow in the small town of Ishoej, which is known as 'The Green Gate to Copenhagen'. In 2002, I was forced into retirement due to some slight illness which means that I am now able to dedicate my time to my hobby - Carl Barks.

1953 - sigh!



In January 2002, I bought the website that you are now enjoying. Initially, it was just intended to be a small forum on Carl Barks, as I grew up with his stories (the Danish version of WDCS started as late as in 1949), and I felt that there might be some interest in the man out there. And there sure was!

Apparently, the site fulfills a wish among the readers, and I take great pleasure in sharing whatever knowledge I may possess. I am told that it is quite unique to have one site containing so much information about one person, and his entire professional life will be dealt with along the way. Although the site already has a considerable amount of pages, the number will continue to grow as I am not foreseeing any 'drying-out' in ideas for a long time ahead. Finally, I wish to stress that I am managing the site all by myself and consequently I am solely responsible for its contents - both juridically and ethically.



It is my clear intention to create the world's largest - and greatest - Carl Barks site that deals with all aspects of his life. The task will be a long term one but here is the start. The aim for composition and contents is straightforward and will rarely be subject to deviation. Below you will find a few main views in random order:

Coherent. The pages should be generated in such a way that you will automatically feel interested in the next pages.
Alike. All pages will have the same basic and easily identifiable look. No useless or tiering gimmicks.
Contemporary. Writing basic English with a minimum of technical terms and without today's slang.
Sober. No flashy stuff. It will only be perceived as irritating and of no value at all.
Neutral. Keeping it objective. My personal opinion would be of little interest to you anyway.
Concrete. All information will be as precise as it can be. I will not write more than I can defend and justify.
Short. The reader will not be caught reading endless reflections and thus wanting to jump to something else.
. The pages should be filled with a positive spirit that makes them easy to digest. Readability is a must.



Technically, I am a novice when it comes to computers (not exactly being raised with them), meaning that what you see in the site is created with the undying enthusiasm of the amateur. I am restricting myself to using the build-in programs in my computer plus some public web graphics. It is far more interesting to me to share knowledge and information than to present it in a professional manner, and consequently you will probably never experience the site in a version, which will be competitive to other similar sites.

The pages are written in my computer's Microsoft FrontPage Express, which is a simplified edition of the complete FrontPage programs, and it does not give me total freedom to build the pages exactly as I wish. However, I think the result is still satisfactory. I am fully aware that the site would be nicer looking and more polished if I use HTML, CSS, Javascript or whatever, but - at least for the time being - I prefer to produce it 'the old way'.
Buff-info: The pages are made for Windows Internet Explorer in the SCREEN SIZE 1024x768, which means that if you use f.i. Netscape Communicator or 800x600, your screen will show my site's pages and layout in a distorted way. Can't be helped. Also, the pages are not fully compatible with the newer versions of Windows; to make them compatible press the Compatibility button next to your Update button near the top of your screen (if it is not showing you can activate it by pressing the Tools drop-down menu and checkmark the Compatibility option(s)).

The photos and illustrations used are partly downloaded from public places at the web, and partly snapped with my Kodak Digital Camera. The amount of the digital photos supercedes 80% of the bulk and is still increasing.

When looking for a guestbook I had some specific standards in mind but it proved impossible to incorporate them all to satisfy my wishes. Through the company Smartgb.com, though, I found a reasonable compromise, in which you - to an extent - are able to design the book. It is free from banners as well. Furthermore it is very reliable.

My webhotel, the Danish company Wannafind.dk, is serving me with both e-mail address and extensive statistics complete with multiple counters. I am able to follow how many readers the site has, from where they originate, and which pages they are looking at (and equally important: which ones they are not looking at) enabling me to alter and update the pages accordingly.

The search engine is a product from the company Freefind.com and provides an easy way to find any information at my pages. It also provides me with statistics about the users who are doing different searches. This gives me valuable information as I am constantly striving to make the site better.

In September 2003 Herb Moskovitz volunteered to help moderate the website. Herb, who lives in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, is a dedicated Barks fan and an ardent collector of Uncle Scrooge items. He is - among other things - the editor of a Charles Dickens newspaper, which should help ensure proper English spelling and grammar in the website.



Any material in the site cbarks.dk is copyrighted and subject to Danish law. But the pages and their contents may be copied - in full or in extraction - for official and professional use following explicit permission.

However, there are no restrictions on copying or printing the material for private use (except for deviations on standard ethical rules). To help you, all pages will carry the full URL-address along with the date of the latest update.

The website accepts no responsibility for the contributors' entries.


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