1917 Margaret Wynnfred Barletta was born on Thursday the 6th of December as the second daughter of the Williams family of Hilo, Hawaii. Mother was Ethel H. Williams (born 1888), father was Frederick W. Williams (born 1883), an architect.
19?? The family moves from the island of Hawaii (the biggest one in the Hawaiian Islands) to Honolulu on the smaller island of Oahu (presumably early 1920s).
1924 Starts in the 5-year old, exclusive Hanahauoli Elementary School in Honolulu with Miss Louisa Palmer as head principal.

Given the nickname Garé in school because the class already had another Margaret present.

1930 Starts at Punahou Academy Junior High School (formerly named Oahu College) in Honolulu.
1933 The family moves to Long Beach, California.
1935 First art exhibition of her paintings at the Assistance League Club in Hollywood in September. 24 paintings are exhibited and she is called Girl Genius in the newspapers. In the following years she holds her own annual art exhibitions at different galleries in the Hollywood area. They are all successes with both the guests and the critics.
1936 The family moves back to Honolulu.

Wins the first of 4 annual scholarships at the Vesper George School of Art in Boston, Massachusetts.

Serves as chairwoman at the Oahuan Senior Academy, and designs their yearbook.

Graduates with honours from Punahou.

Voted Honor Graduate of the Punahou Class of '36.

Spends the winter in New England.

1939 Invited to be included in the 1939-40 edition of the prestigious American Women's Who's Who, because of her prominence as an artist. Included in the book for a number of years.
1941 Included in the International Blue Book and the International Women's Who's Who.

Graduates from the Vesper George School of Art in June.

Returns to Honolulu shortly before the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor in December.

1942 Hawaiian inhabitants are encouraged to move to mainland USA because of the Pacific war. The family settles in Hemet in the San Jacinto area, California.

Spending the remaining war years as a draftsman for the McDonnell Douglas Aircraft Company.

1943 Seeks up Carl briefly for the first time at his chicken farm looking for drawing work. He has nothing for her.
194? Marries R.E. Carroll (presumably mid 1940s) and takes his surname.
1947 FC0159 Ghost of the Grotto. Her favourite story, because It's got pathos.
195? Divorced from R.E. Carroll (presumably 1950 or 1951) but keeps Carroll as her surname until 1954.
1952 Meets Carl again by coincidence during one of her county art shows.

On her second date with Carl, her back is injured in a car accident. Carl was driving.

Carl suggests that she helps him with his Disney stories.

Inks greater parts of FC0456 Somethin' Fishy Here.

1953 Heavily involved in U$04 'Hawaiian Hideaway' because of her detailed knowledge of the islands.

Inks greater parts of U$07 'Seven Cities of Cibola'.

Contributes her only published story gag (for WDCS160 'The Christmas Camel').

1954 Marries Carl on Saturday the 26th of July in Reno, Nevada. The couple spend their honeymoon travelling the West coast and especially Oregon.
1958 Immortalized comic book-wise in CP9 Christmas in Duckburg, in which a department store is named after her.
1966 Inspires Carl to take up painting after his retirement.
1969 The couple move to Goleta in Santa Barbara County, California.
1974 Inks the front cover for WDCS405. See the cover HERE.
1977 The couple move to a trailer park in Temecula in Riverside County, California.
198? Experiences growing health problems from emphysema starting in the early 1980s and resulting in her death several years later.
1981 Writes her only published article, A Recollection, in which she gives an account of her comic book work with Carl. It appeared in Uncle Scrooge McDuck - His Life and Times.
1983 The couple move to Josephine County's Grants Pass, the second largest city in Southern Oregon.
1991 Wins a competition with 2,500 contestants for a painting to be used on a postcard supplied to the American troops in the ongoing Gulf War in Iraq. See the painting HERE.

Rapidly deteriorating health. Carl: We stay close to the pill bottles and try to avoid any social activity.

1993 The couple move 'down the street' to a new house partly designed by Carl. She dies three days later.

Dies on Wednesday the 10th of March. Buried next to Carl at Hillcrest Memorial Cemetery in Grants Pass, Oregon.