Garé enjoyed life! She loved to roam around in nature all of her life and as a painting artist she was able to appreciate nature in a way that most other people cannot, and to convey her impressions. Her thousands of paintings prove it. But she also loved many other things such as being with her family and her many animal friends. This page presents you to a fraction of photos - all shot in a relatively short span of time namely from the late 1920's to the early 1930's - showing how Garé liked to spend some of her leisure time when she was a teenager.



At an outing sitting next to a giant anthill near Honolulu

On vacation in Australia holding 'Baby Jackie'

Island hopping from Australia to the Fiji Islands

Garé and sister Gwendolyn home from overseas with Koala bear souvenir

Garé's riding horse in Honolulu

At a Honoluluan beach

At home in the garden with cat and dog

Garé and Gwendolyn at the beach

Garé with father Frederick and her two Pekingese dogs

Another relaxed moment

Back in the garden

Garé now with mother Ethel