All of her life Garé had great reverence for the Hawaiian islands (from 1959 known as the USA's 50th state under the name of Hawaii). She was born on Hawaii (the largest of the islands), and later the family moved to the smaller island of Oahu. Due to the very real Japanese threat during the Second World War Hawaiian families were encouraged to move to the American mainland, so Garé and her family settled in California in 1942. After the war Garé's parents returned to the islands for good, while she stayed for several reasons (work and marriages), but she never forgot the places were she grew up.
During her island years Garé made many graphic expressions of her love for the locations. Sketches, paintings, poems, and small books are examples. In this page you are presented to a few selected examples that combine most of these ingredients, namely extracts from a large sketchbook (A3 oversize format). In it Garé wrote about all the largest islands in the archipelago and she used watercolour images to accompany the texts. The book was made when Garé attended the third grade in school.

NB.: It is important to notice that the book dates back to 1926, and that the ensuing time has not been good to it. Among others, all the contents were made on very brittle tissue paper. This means that all the, now, yellowed paper and faded renderings below have been gently restored up to a point were you can 'get the idea'. Due to the very large format of the pages it has also been necessary to cut the images below. This means that numerous small vignettes on the text pages have been omitted. Still, it seems impressive what a 9-year old, talented girl could accomplish...






The map is so large (a foldout) that it has to be presented in two halves.