Garé and Carl Barks were workaholics to the extreme! They rarely took time off from their work except for occasional one-day car trips in the vicinity, and even those 'cobwebs away' outings were mostly filled with work. While Garé sketched landscape elements for her paintings, Carl jotted down idea elements for his stories. Rarely did the couple take a regular summer vacation, so their holiday photos are few and far apart. Although Carl was an avid photographer most of the pictures have a 'touristy' air about them; most of them show different locations and the couple photographing each other. In all, just typical and unexciting holiday snapshots for the outsider, yet great mementoes for the couple.

The sub-pages will present you to a tiny fraction of these holiday photos - all maintained in the original and unedited format - and to narrow down the amount of material you will only be treated to the first years the couple knew each other (notice that 1953 is missing, which indicates that the couple took no vacation at all!). Furthermore, the emphasis is on photos with Garé and Carl rather than the multitude of 'just' scenic snapshots. The photos are partly accompanied by Garé's own location remarks followed by a few added editorial comments where applicable.
Although the photos as such are not more exciting than the average family's holiday photos they do offer rare - and never before published - glimpses into the couple's leisure time life. Fans will see the sort of locations in which they were interested, and how the couple looked at the time. In short, these are photo examples from the Barkses time capsule...

If you wish to see more never before published photos from these holidays (with focus on Garé) you should go HERE.



JULY 1952
APRIL 1955
JUNE 1955