In June of 1936 Garé finished her class at the Punahou School with honors for high scholarship. For the official festivity program she had been chosen to recite a piece she had written titled The Interrelation of Dancing and Other Fine Arts. This page offers you only the first and the last part of Garé's recitation as well as a photo of one of her initial, sketchy pages.





In writing on the relationship between dancing and sculpture one author says: 'Statuary belongs to the cultural background of any dancer. Most interesting suggestions can be drawn from it, lending flavor and style to a composition and enriching it through inference'. The following illustration is not just a series of plastic poses but a living frieze inspired by the Greek sculptural art .....


..... Our concluding short dance will blend the ideas that we have brought out in preceding illustrations. The basic influence in this dance is a dramatic idea, concerning a central dominating figure. We have drawn elements from the other arts, all of which tend to enrich and develop this theme. Our music was selected for its strength in mood and rhythm and for its suggested patterns. We used the gradation of colors in costuming to add force to the controlling figure. We centralized the design by the use of spiral movement. This effect was further gained by repetition with variation of line flowing toward or radiating from the center. The sculptural influence may be seen during the entrance and in the final grouping.