Garé made a lot of her paintings in a downscaled version before she attempted to make the 'real' thing. This page shows you one photo example of several of such 'miniatures' taken from Garé's private files. The photo was taken by Carl in 1971 in the couple's backyard and shows 5 small paintings gathered for the photo shoot. Every year Garé would make these Sketches, as she called them, and they were simply coded with increasing numbers and an S added.



You can see 3 of the 5 finished and full-sized paintings by following the links below. When you compare the small and the large paintings you should notice the many subtle differences between them. As for the remaining ones there is no mentioning of them in Garé's files. It is interesting to see that some of the scaled images are actually signed by Garé suggesting that she planned to give them away later or maybe sell them.