April 29, 1990.
Garé wrote this letter to an acquaintance named Ed.
...Thank you for calling the other day about the paintings. I wish I could have helped you sell some of them when you were asking about it several years ago ... but it does seem that once you stop working in that field and lose touch - that's it! Carl's work has taken over this family's whole time and energy the past few years and I must say, it has certainly been lucrative!
If we had family who were interested in art at all, I would be much more inclined to try harder to buy back some of the paintings you have - but Carl's family aren't interested - even in his work! And my family is all gone, except my 83 year old sister, and a 96 year old aunt! If by any chance my bid on the painting of the four Rocky Mountain sheep on a rock (see it
HERE - Editor's remark) should by it back, I think I would donate it to Dave Siddon's Wildlife Images Center (see more HERE - Editor's remark) and see if they could raise some money on it with a raffle...
...I do hope your sale at May Gallery will go well, Ed. I can readily sympathize with you with too many paintings. I often wonder what will happen when our executor tries selling off what we have in our house! Ya Gods!...
May 21, 1990.
Garé wrote this letter to a troublesome fan...
Dear Mr ...,
Please, have a heart, will you? Carl is 89 - not 39 years of age! He is already working 8-10 hours a day on designing and painting paintings for the lithographs. He has neither the time nor the energy to take on any other work. Besides which, you couldn't possibly have thought of anything more apt to 'turn him off' or repel him than 'The Simpsons'. We feel that the drawing is so hideously ugly we can't stand to look at it! No! Not all America loves the Simpsons!!
The 'Space Family Robinson' idea (see more
HERE - Editor's remark) was taken over by Western Publishing - but never amounted to much. It was badly handled.
There is no possibility of Carl getting involved in your project! Sorry!